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If You Like Chainsaw Man You Might Like GANTZ Says Author

If You Like Chainsaw Man You Might Like GANTZ Says Author

Last week, episode 9 of Chainsaw Man aired, I will give spoilers but it is in this episode that Makima uses her abilities for the first time, simply crushing several people with her hands.

The scenes are pretty violent and Chainsaw Man has been quite explicit about that so far, but anyway, Hiroya Oku, author of another classic called GANTZ, took advantage of the Chainsaw Man hype to promote his manga.

“If you enjoyed yesterday’s episode of Chainsaw Man, I hope you read GANTZ, a manga that does stuff like that all the time”

GANTZ is actually quite a violent manga, with a lot of explicit and heavy scenes, I tried to read it once but it’s at a level that I really can’t continue reading the story.

Among the comments from fans who responded to Oka’s publication, many people said that GANTZ is better than Chainsaw Man, others said that GANTZ unfortunately does not have the same hype that Chainsaw Man achieved, etc.

Anyway, the author does what he can and really, taking advantage of the hype that was created for Chainsaw Man to ask people to read GANTZ is something.