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Japanese Reactions to the Brazillian Samurai

Japoneses reagem ao Samurai de BH

Japanese Reactions to the Brazillian Samurai! On August 13th, the physiotherapist Alisson D’jean, tired of the robberies happening in a building, used a Japanese sword to prevent 3 men from stealing bicycles.

The criminals fled, leaving the bicycles behind, and Alisson became known as the “Samurai of BH” (referring to Belo Horizonte, the city’s initials). According to him, he just wanted to prevent another theft, as it was the 4th one in the building!

“My concern was not about recovering the bicycles. I don’t even have a bicycle. I rode one once 5 or 6 years ago,” he said. You can watch the video of the situation below:

Japanese Reactions to the Brazillian Samurai

As he used a katana to thwart the crime, this made news in Japanese newspapers. The Livedoor News website published the article, which reached 2.5 million views! So, I was quite curious about what the Japanese thought of the case. After all, a Japanese sword was used to prevent a crime!

Let’s look at the Japanese reactions!

“This is Wonderful! Incredible”

“I want a Katana”

“Very cool, Yamato spirit”

“Japanese katanas have an impressive presence! For sure, that would scare someone!”

“If someone were being chased by a Japanese katana, they would definitely be scared.”

“Even Keanu Reeves would be surprised!”

“The Brazilian Last Samurai”

“If there are samurais all over the world, why not gather all the “last samurais” from around the world, like in “Super Sentai Big Gathering!” in Japan?”

“In Japan, we have Tomioka Giyuu running to a fire, and in Brazil, we have a samurai repelling bicycle thieves with a katana… Swordsmen are truly strong.”

“Arming oneself to protect property is basically the essence of a samurai, it’s hilarious.”

“The idea that it’s not the user, but the spirit of the sword that frightened the aggressor is very Japanese.”

“It’s funny to think that a samurai of justice and punishment existed in modern society, haha.”

“I watched the actual video, but if someone unsheathed a sword and chased me, even if I were Japanese, I think I would run.”

“”Brazil”, “user of Japanese katana”… It’s like Sam from Metal Gear Rising.”

“Real-life Sam!”

“It would be scary if someone came towards me with a sword.”

“Does Sam really exist?”

As you can see, some Japanese mentioned a character named “Sam.” Sam is the nickname of a character from the game Metal Gear Rising, Samuel Rodrigues, who uses a sword to fight:

Japanese Reactions to the Brazillian Samurai

And Samuel Rodrigues is a Brazilian character within the story! So, we have a “Brazilian samurai” in a well-known series! Anyway, kudos to the BH Samurai for preventing the thieves from having their way.

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