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Japan: Gruesome Crime Reminds School Days

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On July 2nd, a hotel employee discovered a corpse in the bathroom of one of the guest rooms. Shockingly, the body was found without a head, reminiscent of the macabre crimes in the anime “School Days.”

The police have classified the case as a homicide and are conducting a thorough investigation to uncover further details about this gruesome act

Japan: Gruesome Crime Reminds School Days

A male body was found in a hotel room in Susukino, Sapporo. What is particularly unsettling is that the victim’s head was not found at the crime scene.

The body was discovered by a hotel employee who found it in the bathroom of the room, decapitated. Upon reviewing the hotel’s surveillance footage, it was revealed that another person entered the room with the victim.

The details of the other person are still unknown, and the identity of the deceased man remains undisclosed. The Japanese community has drawn parallels between this macabre crime and the classic 2007 anime “School Days.”

This recent crime has shocked many in Japan, and investigations are ongoing to bring clarity to the situation as quickly as possible.

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