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Japan is now releasing AI-generated JAVs

Japan is now releasing AI-generated JAVs

Japan has once again surprised the JAV industry, this time with an innovation that can be either positive or negative. There are already discussions about the risk of AV actresses losing their jobs to AI, as Japan is now releasing AI-generated JAVs!

Japan is now releasing AI-generated JAVs

The production company North Skins has launched a series called “3.1 Jigen AV,” featuring films generated by AI. So far, four films in this series have been released. The first was released on May 9, the second, a cosplay of Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, on June 6.

Scene from the Tifa film, generated by AI.

The third will be released on July 11, and the fourth, featuring an elf, is also on the way. If you want to see the full pics of these two movies, go to Cakemoe.

Japan is now releasing AI-generated JAVs

Although generated by AI, the films are not entirely digital, as the cast still includes the name of a real actress. For example, in the Tifa film, actress Tachibana Mary is credited as the lead actress.

The AI program is probably used to modify the face of the real actress. One noticeable difference is that these films have a duration of about 50 minutes, while regular JAVs typically last around 2 hours. This might be a limitation of the current technology.

Lets see reactions from the japanese audience:

  • “Wow, AI will even take the jobs of adult actresses.”
  • “I watched it; the face was pretty, but the body was strange.”
  • “The position of the face is always the same, that’s funny.”
  • “This will become a human rights issue for AI.”
  • “Since they only change the face, it’s less likely for them to be identified, making it a more comfortable job.”
  • “They just shoot normally and replace the face.”
  • “Super edited Instagram images are like degraded versions of AI-generated images.”
  • “In a few years, it will be possible to create entire videos with AI. When that happens, the industry will end. Everyone will ask AI to create works the way they like.”
  • “The ones who need to be replaced by AI are the male actors, not the actresses.”
  • “The only thing AI can’t do is touch. For us virgins, an AI that can fulfill all our desires is ideal.”
  • “I watched it too; the facial expressions were fixed and scary. I don’t think it even blinked.”

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