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Sousou no Frieren JAV has little magic and a lot of SM

Sousou no Frieren JAV by TMA

Yes, TMA wasted no time, as the Sousou no Frieren anime was a success and Frieren and Fern themselves were very popular characters, the well-known adult producer is already about to launch its Sousou no Frieren JAV, JAV is the acronym for “naughty films”.

Check out the cover of Sousou no Frieren’s new JAV film below, showing the actresses in their Frieren and Fern cosplays, they look really good, don’t they?

Sousou no Frieren JAV by TMA

The film will be released on the 24th now and its code is SAIT-030, this Sousou no Frieren JAV is, as already mentioned, produced by TMA and will last 210 minutes.

In this first Sousou no Frieren JAV, the two magicians end up being captured by bandits and end up being tied up and suffering from what we call SM, but in the end the bond between master and student becomes stronger.

Unfortunately, we can’t post any images here, but you can see several preview images and also a video with several scenes from the film on Cakemoe.

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