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Firefighter is suspended after appearing in JAV

Firefighter is suspended from his job after appearing in JAV

The JAV industry is facing a problem: a lack of male actors for films. Yes, it may seem strange, but there are few male actors, and it’s common to see the same guy in several films. However, their faces are not the main focus.

This led to people with regular jobs taking on side gigs in adult films, as was the case with a 26-year-old firefighter from Saitama.

The young man, who was not named, received around 250,000 yen (R$ 8,236.11) for appearing in JAV films until an anonymous tip screwed him over. Yes! Someone recognized their local firefighter, went to the Koshigaya fire department’s website, and made the report in early April!

Firefighter is suspended from his job after appearing in JAV

It was discovered that he had appeared in 5 films starting from December 2022, doing these side gigs on his days off from his regular job. Due to this incident, he received a 6-month suspension from his firefighting job.

A curiosity about the case is how much he received for the films, 250,000 yen. This is a very high amount for a male actor in the industry. For comparison, there are cases where male actors receive as “payment” the opportunity to have a relationship with the actresses and nothing more!

With that said, it is suspected that he was recognized because our firefighter could have been the main actor in the films. When questioned, the firefighter said he did the films because he was facing financial difficulties.

In Japan, public servants are prohibited from having side jobs. Jun Nakai, chief of the Koshigaya fire department, said: “As a public servant, I sincerely apologize for the incident, which caused great damage to the residents’ trust. I will work to regain this trust as soon as possible.”

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