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Japan has Meme Doge statue

Japan has Meme Doge statue

Do you know the story of the dog Kabosu who inspired a Meme Doge statue in Japan? He is a 10-year-old shiba inu dog who belongs to Atsuko Sato, a kindergarten teacher.

It all started with just a photo that Sato took of Kabosu on the sofa in his house with his paws crossed over each other and looking at Sato’s camera with his eyebrows raised, shortly after, the image circulated on the internet resulting in a series of fun montages with the puppy.

The most popular puppy on the internet lived in an animal shelter and thought death was a given. The shelter closed in 2008 and Kabosu and 19 other Shiba inu dogs lost their home.

Some of them were adopted, as in the case of Kabosu, but the rest had to be euthanized. Kabosu’s owner was a volunteer at the shelter and decided to adopt the dog in 2008.

Japan has Meme Doge statue

Japan has Meme Doge statue

In Chiba Prefecture, Kabosu’s hometown, a statue of Meme Doge was installed in recognition of his popularity around the world.

Located in Sakura Furusato Hiroba Park in Sakura City, the monument features a statue of Kabosu on a polished stone sofa with her paws crossed in front of her as in Meme Doge surrounded by three cat sculptures.

Japan has Meme Doge statue

The monument also has a plaque in English and Japanese that reads:

”Kabosu’s date of birth is not known with certainty. On November 2, 2008, he joined Atsuko Sato’s family. It was decided that this would be Kabosu’s third birthday. Then, on February 13, 2010, Kabosu appeared on the internet, becoming the most beloved meme in the world. She is healthy, calm and receptive, inspiring her devotees to ”Do only good every day”

As the plaque on the Meme Doge statue says, Kabosu’s actual birthday is not certain, but the dog’s birthday is celebrated every year on November 2, the date on which the monument was officially opened to the public. Below you see an image of Kabosu and Sato posing at the monument with Sakura Mayor Sango Nishida.

Japan has Meme Doge statue

With the Meme Doge statue, we have here a tribute to the famous internet dog that has brought joy to many people around the world with the idea of ​​attracting not only local audiences, but also those abroad.

via SoraNews24

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