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Is skipping anime openings a lack of consideration for the work of the Animators??

Is skipping anime openings a lack of consideration for the work of the Animators

Is skipping anime openings a lack of consideration for the work of the parties involved? Many animes have very memorable openings or endings in the lives of fans.

Openings and endings are considered very important by most fans in an anime production. Many animes have a very impactful first opening that ends up being marked in the hearts of those who watch.

Many people believe that work on openings and endings should be appreciated, and this has caused a debate to explode on the Japanese internet surrounding discontent with those who skip anime openings as well as endings.

Is skipping anime openings a lack of consideration for the work of the Animators??

Of course, whether a person will skip anime openings or endings depends largely on the quality of the animation, as well as the music selected for the opening or endings.

Countless studios have managed to hook the viewer with beautiful creative animation work and engaging music, which has become a special moment in the pleasure of consuming anime, but things aren’t always like that, right?

Well, many Japanese people took to social media to discuss the act of skipping anime openings, and we have comments like:

”Isn’t that precisely why streaming platforms added a ”skip” function?

”I think it depends on the series”

”It’s the production’s own fault if fans decide to skip the opening or closing, if they don’t choose a good song or play things that don’t matter, then they will be skipped”

”Sometimes vacancies are disappointing, so I understand the need to ignore them”

”I like the way the studios end up trolling who goes to the next episode immediately when the finale starts, adding post-credits scenes”

”Sometimes I don’t play the ending because I think the song is good, but most of the time I do. I think it serves to reflect that openings and closings can only be bad or good, there are no in-betweens”

”From the second time they appear, I start to ignore them in each episode”

”Well, there are often boring openings with uninteresting music”

”If there is a constant change in the openings and endings of a series, I will watch it, but if it always stays the same, I will skip it. You can always identify a post-credits scene by checking the trailer bar.”

”If I like the song, I won’t skip it. But I don’t even bother watching the visuals, I just do something else as the episode progresses”

”There is no reason to see the same thing over and over again. But the fact that it changes every episode also seems like a bad idea, let’s remember what happened last year with a certain popular anime”

”There’s always the possibility that the opening or ending will subtly change as the story progresses, which is why I never skip them.”

”Many anime today don’t seem to put any effort into the opening and ending sequences because they know viewers will ignore them anyway. In the past, many people watched anime on DVD or television, so it was harder to make the leap. I think nowadays it’s just a form of ”short film”, where they test some animation talents”

”There are 12 episodes, so it’s about 36 minutes if you look at the opening and ending sequences, that’s the length of two more episodes!”

Whether the work on anime openings and endings will be appreciated or not, many believe that this depends solely on the studio responsible for the anime. Tell us what you think.

Source: Nijipoi

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