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These MementoMori Commercials Annoy Players

These MementoMori Commercials Annoy Players

“Whenever a MementoMori commercial airs on TV while I’m having a meal at my parents’ house, my food loses its flavor,” commented a Japanese person on Twitter about the MementoMori commercials a mobile game with cute girls.

But what is MementoMori, and why is this person reporting the effect of losing the taste of their food? And not just them, but other people on Twitter have also reported unpleasant experiences while watching the commercials.

What is MementoMori?

These MementoMori Commercials Annoy Players

MementoMori is a mobile game released in 2022 about girls called witches who fight against their enemies, curses, which have taken over their world.

People describe the game’s artistic style as “dark” and dystopian, and it has gained some fame among non-Japanese fans due to the beautiful visual design of the female characters.

The MementoMori Commercials

MementoMori is currently airing a series of TV commercials featuring one of the game’s characters sitting alone in an empty, white room in a faded and blurred setting while whispering something.

There are four different commercials that many people find strange to watch. Each one features a new character named Fia sitting on a couch, and she looks at the viewer and prompts them to look in one of the four directions on the screen.

Depending on the commercial, Fia says the following after pointing: “Are you paying attention to me?”, “Oh, I lost,” “Are you ignoring me?” or she simply lets out a deep sigh.

You can watch all four versions of the commercial below:

These MementoMori Commercials Annoy Players

But what exactly is wrong with this commercial (and even other MementoMori commercials) that people are discussing on Twitter? One user shared their opinion:

“Although I’m not interested and find this commercial unpleasant, I can’t help but feel like everyone is looking at me as if they’re saying, ‘You like this kind of thing, don’t you?'” said a Japanese person on Twitter, describing their experience when watching the commercial.

More people chimed in to comment on what they think of the game’s commercials: “I play MementoMori, but their taste in commercials is catastrophic, it’s on a completely different and terrible level compared to Girlfriend Beta.”

These MementoMori Commercials Annoy Players

What bothers people is the fact that the commercials are entirely silent, with a little girl looking at you and instructing you to look in a certain direction in a childish voice.

And there’s more to it—all MementoMori commercials end with the phrase “You can have this girl,” so some people find this unsettling, especially when watching it with family members.

One person mentioned an unpleasant incident when they watched the commercials with their grandmother: “When the girl said ‘Look this way,’ my grandmother made an expression I had never seen before.”

MementoMori commercials are aired during the evening, a time when game, food, beer, and relaxation-focused commercials are typically shown, targeting viewers who have returned home after a tiring day at work.

However, only MementoMori commercials are facing criticism, as one player stated: “I really don’t like this commercial, but I like the game, and every time I see the commercial, I think they’re foolish not to use the fantastic game’s music.”


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