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Persona: When the Burn my Bread meme became Real

When the Burn my Bread meme became Real

MEMES! It is natural that memes are created from anime, games, manga, everything that becomes popular and Persona 3 has several memes, from “Door-kun” to “Burn my Bread”, a joke with the song “Burn my Dread” .

If you’ve never played Persona 3 (this was the first Persona I played and is my favorite of the 5), one of the game’s themes is a song called “Burn my Dread”,

You can listen to the “Last Battle” version of Burn my Dread below:

And then a meme emerged from the name of this song, fans play with the word “Bread”, since Dread and Bread are very similar words in English, the meme of “Burn my Bread” arise.

There’s even a famous video of two slices of bread being burned while the music plays:

When the Burn my Bread meme became Real

In 2021, Atlus finally made the Persona 3 soundtrack available on Spotify and iTunes (which is very good by the way, I recommend it), and a very funny fact occurred at the time, because Atlus got the name of the song wrong, they really changed it “Dread” by “Bread”.

As you can see in the prints below, the song called “Burn My Dread” ended up on official services as “Burn my Bread”, thus making the meme real.

When the Burn my Bread meme became Real
When the Burn my Bread meme became Real

Obviously the reactions were priceless:

“Atlus typed Burn my Dread into Stopify from BURN MY BREAD, I can’t do this, this is real”

Lotus Juice, who is a Japanese who lived in the United States and is fluent in English and is responsible for singing and composing music for the games / anime of Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona Q and Q2, Persona 2 and also Persona 5 Royal and Strikers. At the time he commented this:

“Burn My Bread.  That’s not me of course and I have nothing to do with it but I’ve notified Atlus about it”

“Now that I am witnessing one of the most horrific event in history, I feel like I need to make that vid of me singing Burn My Dread while I toast a bread for you guys…just so to ease the pain I guess…not gonna burn it I hate wasting food lol.”

There are few times that the meme really becomes reality, even for a while, and this is one of the cases, despite Persona being developed by Japanese people, Atlus likes to put several songs being sung in English, and they end up making a mistake in the names sometimes.