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How To Pick Up Girls at a Con: Teachs how to get to the Waifu

How To Pick Up Girls at a Con

Did you know that there is a book on how to flirt with girls at an anime event? The book is called “How to Pick Up Girls at a Con” and it tells methods of how you, your stinky otaku, can get to that cute girl you saw at an anime event.

The book is only available in English and is authored by The Night Kids and C. Racks (who also wrote the book “Girls Are Scary”),

How To Pick Up Girls at a Con

The book is available on Amazon if you wants to buy it. The person responsible for the art of the book was Rena Sakuma,

How To Pick Up Girls at a Con? Take a Bath!

But let’s talk about the book itself, the book promises to be “your guide to attracting the anime girl of your dreams”, there are 7 simple steps for you to follow and conquer that waifu.

As funny as it may seem due to the “Smelly Otaku” meme, the book covers hygiene and how important it is to take care of yourself and smell good to get to the girl.

The book also tells you what items to carry with you to these events when looking for a crush. Another thing the book helps you with is how to build the right mindset when trying to make romantic connections with other people, which is a very valid tip.

How To Pick Up Girls at a Con

How To Pick Up Girls at a Con also tells you what are the best types of places you can “hunt” and how you should get to the girl.

Book teaches important lessons

The book also covers “defeatist modes” which is something everyone has been through and how you can fight these negative thoughts with yourself, in addition to your body language, gives you hints of indications the girl gives if she’s interested in you and a lot more.

How To Pick Up Girls at a Con

If you are interested in the art of flirting at anime events, go ahead and buy the book. The book has some tips more or less but there are things you can take with you for life too.

But do you guys from the comments have tips to give people to reach that girl or boy they found interesting at an anime event?