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Voice actress disappears from event for testing positive for COVID

Voice actress disappears from event

Voice actor is withdrawn from event for testing positive for COVID. Well, COVID continues to disrupt the anime industry a lot and we recently had a curious situation.

During a live live of the anime Engage Kiss where the voice actors of the main characters were present, we had the presence of Lynn, who gives voice to the character Ayano Yuugiri in the anime.

During the show she was told that her COVID PCR test had come back positive, so the show took a short break and when she returned, Lynn was no longer on the bench:

Voice actress disappears from event

The original video is no longer available.

Engage Kiss Synopsis

Bayron City, a pioneering metropolis built on a newly discovered energy source, promises every citizen a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. In reality, young demon exterminator Shuu Ogata’s life is far from extravagant. Despite running a private military business, he often struggles to make ends meet due to reckless expenses. Fortunately, Kisara, his demon partner, is more than eager to help Shuu with household matters—albeit a little too forcefully for his comfort.

The two work side by side, taking countermeasures against demon hazards, which stand as the biggest threats to the city. With danger lurking in the shadows, Shuu and Kisara strive to grant the town’s safety; however, exterminating the possessed comes with a price unbeknownst to others.