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This is How Manga and Comics Draw Foreigners

É Assim que Mangás e Comics desenham Estrangeiros

A Japanese otaku took the time to publish (and modify) a table he made comparing how, OVERALL, manga and comics draw foreign characters.

Manga is a comic of Japanese origin, for the Japanese, the characters seen in the manga are either Japanese or without a specific race, but when they want to draw a clearly Western character, they put certain characteristics.

American comics also draw Asian characters in a peculiar way, always putting some characteristic to identify that character as Asian.

This is How Manga and Comics Draw Foreigners

And behold, this was the image made by our otaku, see how manga and comics draw foreign characters:

This is How Manga and Comics Draw Foreigners
This is How Manga and Comics Draw Foreigners

In the end, it’s all the same! In the case of manga, it’s the same thing as Japanese characters, but you change the hair color to brown, blonde or silver/white (high chances of the character being Russian if you have white/silver hair).

According to this image, for comics, Asians have colored hair and also have the same face.

These were some reactions to the post above:

“Well done”

“I see I’m not the only one who’s always wondered why they always dye their hair”

“Very true there”

“The former may apply to Love Live as well”

“I took the liberty of arranging this for you:

“This is funny”

“The blue haired Korean girl is so real, where did they get that?”

“Exactly this way”

“Manga is better and cuter”

“True, I’ve always wondered why Japanese women in comics or movies dye only part of their hair, and always in strong colors”

“I’ve seen it a billion times”

Finally, after receiving several comments, the author updated his table to show how Japanese people draw Japanese in manga:

Assim que Mangas e Comics desenham Estrangeiros

Yes, pink hair is definitely Japanese.

via: Byackopath

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