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Fans Thank Murata for Tatsumaki body

Fans Thank Murata for Tatsumaki body

Previously it was Tatsumaki’s thighs, this time it’s her butt, we got to a part of the manga where we are having several interactions between Saitama and Tatsumaki, and many of these interactions are the result of physical contact between the two which makes Murata draw the Tatsumaki with more appreciation.

Check out just a few of the pages from the most recent chapters of the manga, which show much more of Tatsumaki’s body:

Fans Thank Murata for Tatsumaki body

Fãs Agradecem Murata por conta da Tatsumaki

Fãs Agradecem Murata por conta da Tatsumaki

Check out some comments found on social media:

“Doesn’t change the fact that Murata is a GOD among men”

“I want to smell”

“She is very sexy”

“She’s a Cool Loli, she’s 28”

“What Murata does while drawing Tatsumaki is fucking shit, there’s no other explanation”

“Time to save all of Tatsumaki’s panels”

“Tatsumaki’s ass drawings Murata does never disappoint”

“More and more we see Tatsumaki from incredible angles”

“Murata never wastes time with Tatsumaki”

“I thank God for allowing me to be contemplated with Murata’s art in being able to see Tatsumaki’s illustrations”

Some artists started publishing Tatsumaki fanarts, like Hong, we even had the case of the Tatsumaki cosplayer who received criticism for being too short.

The recent chapters of One Punch Man are seeing a lot of action between Saitama and Tatsumaki himself.