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Hitozuma Medusa-san to no NTR Seikatsu – Trying not to steal the boss’s wife

Hitozuma Medusa-san to no NTR Seikatsu

We have another netorare romantic comedy for those of you who like this, this time the manga is called “Hitozuma Medusa-san to no NTR Seikatsu” and it is written by Shaoh (same author of Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru)

In the world of Hitozuma Medusa-san to no NTR Seikatsu species from other worlds such as Orcs, Medusa began to live on earth and interact with humans, it didn’t take long for humans and these species to begin to coexist and interact, so it is It is common to see interspecies couples.

Hitozuma Medusa-san to no NTR Seikatsu

Our protagonist is called Asuka Hitotsubashi and he has a fetish in netorare… oh, I’m sorry, in NETORI, which is the act of stealing other people’s wives. He then gets a job but when his boss doesn’t get in touch he decides to go to his boss’s house to see what happened when he comes across the following scene:

Hitozuma Medusa-san to no NTR Seikatsu

His boss, Tenma is married to a Medusa, and the two would “coit” when Medusa got nervous about her husband coming to jump on her and she accidentally turned him into stone out of nervousness.

Luckily Tenma left in writing what was to be done if something happened to him, and he wanted Asuka to take care of his wife Medusa, after much thought he decides to take care of her while the two think of a way to bring Tenma back from life. stone, it turns out that Asuka has a fetish for stealing married women and he has to resist his inner “NTR big guy” who tells him to fly on Medusa:

Hitozuma Medusa-san to no NTR Seikatsu

I think you’ve seen a guy like that in an anime, right?

Okay, the situation is already strange, right? A wife who was left alone, being taken care of by a boy who has a fetish for stealing from committed women, what else could be added to this story?

Well… Medusa is an author of adult doujins and the next doujin she will do is from Netorare… and she wants help from Asuka…

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