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Onna Kaijin-san wa Kayoizuma: Romantic Comedy with Monster Woman

Onna Kaijin-san wa Kayoizuma

Are you watching the Monster Musume no Oishasan anime? It aired in 2020 and is about a doctor who takes care of monster girls, the author has a new novel about monster girls called Onna Kaijin-san wa Kayoizuma!

The first volume of Onna Kaijin-san wa Kayoizuma will only be released on December 23rd, but the cover already features the main “waifu”.

Just look at the heroine:

Onna Kaijin-san wa Kayoizuma

The illustration was done by Z-ton, who is a hentai artist, he who made the manga (and consequently anime) Mesudachi.

But anyway, what is the story of Onna Kaijin-san wa Kayoizuma about?

The protagonist is part of the Department of countermeasures against Monsters, and right next to him, as his neighbor, lives a monster woman who is an executive of the organization of Evil.

This is then a romantic comedy between this man and this monstrous woman, who work in completely opposite places but who live together.

A light novel, again, comes out on December 23rd.