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Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru: The Human Demi and the Devout Healer

Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru

I recently came across a manga called Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru that caught my attention because of the heroine on the cover and also because of the tags used in the manga.

So I went to read the chapters available for free on the official website to see what exactly the story was about and well, it’s about a group of adventurers who go out together and do missions.

In this group we have an elf archer, a human warrior, a devoted healer and then we have our main girl, Amona, she is a demi-human, and in addition to being a demi human, she is a Dark Summoner who summons demons during battle.

Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru

The one who is extremely against Amona is the group’s Healer, Roni, who is a man of God and is against Amona’s presence in the group. The two then fight and the other two girls in the group intend to let the two spend time trying to understand each other.

Everything was going “fine” in Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru until…

So behold, the night comes and the two end up understanding each other too much because they go to bed together!

Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru

Neither of them understand how they ended up in bed, but from then on they start to get softer with each other, despite having certain fights still. The warrior of the group, totally dense, thinks that they have finally become friends but the archer soon realizes “they banged, didn’t they?”.

Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru

The manga then continues showing the relationship between the two, a healer, a man of God relating to a demi-human who invokes demons.

There are many moments when they are still awkward, but overall they are really more loving with each other which creates funny situations. The Dark Summoner to Dekiteiru manga even has many more steamy scenes of the two, like her trying on a Bunny Girl outfit for him.