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High School Girl Wins Tournament at EVO Japan

Garota colegial Surpreende e vence torneio na EVO Japan

Between April 27th and 29th, 2024, the EVO Japan took place in Tokyo, a major fighting game tournament that occurs in the United States and has had an edition in Japan since 2018.

A particular situation caught everyone’s attention at this event, resembling something out of the anime High Score Girl. A game called Money Idol Exchanger found itself dominated by a high school girl, who was defeating the tournament’s “oji-sans” (uncles).

High School Girl Wins Tournament at EVO Japan

Money Idol Exchanger is a Puzzle game released in 1997. Due to its nature, it is easier for a stranger to beat favorites in a competition of this type, the game is similar to Tetris in its gameplay.

Thus, a high school girl won matches at EVO, which is historically dominated by men, being known as “Money Idol-chan”. One interesting thing about her games is that she used to choose the same characters as her opponents.

Check out one of the videos where the girl emerged victorious:

Money Idol-chan ended up winning the Money Idol Exchange game competition, ranking 1st in two categories of the game. She received praise from other competitors:

“The person who shocked me the most on the first day of EVOJ was the girl playing Money Idol Exchanger,” said a competitor, Aaru Hokutomaru. “She appeared like a comet and won the championship with an incredible lever operation. A game released in 1997 and it was exciting even outside of fighting games.”

The girl’s identity was kept secret by all participants. Few details about her were disclosed, but we know she is between 12 and 16 years old and that since 2022 her parents have owned an arcade in Tokyo.

High School Girl Wins Tournament at EVO Japan

A situation that practically comes from the anime High Score Girl, doesn’t it?”

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