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Animate Shibuya Places the Wrong Ruby Next to Aqua

Animate shibuya coloca a ruby errada 800x418 1

Animate Shibuya places the wrong Ruby next to Aqua! I don’t know if it was on purpose or if it was a mistake by the person who put the dolls in the store.

Animate Shibuya Places the Wrong Ruby Next to Aqua

It’s normal for stores that sell anime products to have displays of characters from various anime and games, and currently Oshi no Ko is very popular, so it’s normal to have displays of characters from the series.

However, Animate Shibuya seems to have made an unexpected error by placing the incorrect Ruby character alongside Aqua. This mix-up has caught the attention of fans and raises questions about whether it was an intentional move or a simple mistake by the store staff.

Animate Shibuya coloca a Ruby Errada ao Lado do Aqua

On the left we have Aqua, one of the protagonists of Oshi no Ko, and next to him we have Ruby, but this Ruby there is from Love Live Sunshine. Yes, she has the same name as Aqua’s sister.

And to add even more to the confusion, the idol group in which Ruby from Love Live is part is called “Aqours”, it reminds a lot of Aqua’s name, right?

Let’s see how some reacted:

“The difference is hilarious.”

“A collaboration beyond dimensions”

“I want Aqua (Konosuba) to hold Ruby (Prisma Illya)”

“Eh! This is amazing! Such great taste…”

“Ruby belongs to Aqua The inside is Ai Furihata. She can reproduce everything by herself.”

“So close! (laughs)”

“Next up is Aqua and Ruby, right?”

“If that was intentional, it’s amazing”

“They must be dating”

Via: Otakomu

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