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Artist Turns Pochita into a Little Girl

Artista Transforma Pochita em uma Garotinha

Pochita is vying with Bond to see who will be the season’s mascot (at least I’ve seen people fighting over that), and several versions of Pochita have appeared on the internet.

But they decided to turn the motorcycle saw puppy into a little girl, who did this was the artist Kimeme, she published a video on her Weibo where she shows scenes from the first episode of Chainsaw Man where she put Pochita as a little girl.

Check out:

Pochita Loli 1 Pochita Loli 2

Pochita Loli 3 Pochita Loli 4

Pochita Loli 5 Pochita Loli 6

You can watch the original video here. What did you think of the little girl version of Pochita?