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Otaku arrested for displaying ecchi dakimakura near school

Otaku arrested for displaying ecchi dakimakura near school

Otaku arrested for displaying dakimakura of anime girls near a school. Yuki Awamura, 46, is a company employee in Onomichi City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

Otaku arrested for displaying erotic dakimakura near school

He was detained for violating the Hiroshima Prefectural Nuisance Prevention Ordinance. Awamura is suspected of putting on his erotic dakimakura and a mouse pad with an anime girl printed on it on his way to a school near Takanishi Ward in Fukuyama City. This has been practiced since September last year.

Otaku arrested for displaying ecchi dakimakura near school

The police managed to reach Awamura by tracking the purchase of these objects. And this is not the only case on record, as several similar incidents have been revealed.

Shall we take a look at the Japanese people’s online comments?

”How would your boss feel when he found out why you were arrested?”

”Will this guy be forgiven by society? I think it’s a lot worse than being accused of murder.”

”In this country, being accused of a pervert is worse than being accused of a thief or a murderer. KyoAni’s criminal continues to live like a king in prison, while this guy has already had his life ruined.”

”Even for a pervert, 46 years is already quite old. There are all kinds of things today.”

”I won’t understand the situation if the media don’t give me reference footage.”

”I understand dakimakura, but why would he want a mouse pad in the middle of the road?”

”I don’t think it bothered anyone, what a shitty country this is.”

”Couldn’t it be a case of ”my mom did the laundry” and she just took it out to dry in the park?”

”Usually the authorities show the clothes or panties that a thief stole, why don’t they show this guy’s dakimakura?”

Police are now working to prevent more crazy otakus from carrying erotic dakimakura near schools, ensuring a suitable environment for students.

Source: Otakomu

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