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Idol Uta Kawase is being stalked

Idol Uta Kawase está sendo Stalkeada

The voice actress and “digital” Idol Uta Kawase is being stalked. The staff of the anime 22/7 has released a statement informing fans about what is happening.

22/7 is an idol project similar to Love Live, in which voice actresses lend their voices to anime idols. Among the various girls of 22/7, we have the character Nicole Saitou, whose voice is Uta Kawase’s.

Idol Uta Kawase is being stalked

Idol Uta Kawase está sendo Stalkeada

According to them, Uta Kawase has been a victim of stalking at her home and also near her workplace offices. The staff of 22/7 has already reported the incident to the police, and they inform that Uta Kawase is currently resting in a safe location.

No physical harm has been done to Uta Kawase, but there have been psychological damages. It has been decided that she will take a break from her activities for a while, which means she will not participate in the “Nanabun no Nijyuuni Summer Festival 2023,” where she was scheduled to perform.

Meanwhile, they have communicated that they will review and reinforce security measures so they can work with peace of mind.

The staff of the 22/7 group had previously issued a statement informing that some of their idols were being targeted by stalkers and asked for it to stop.

Via: Site Oficial

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