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What Caused the Teleportation Incident in Mushoku Tensei?

What Caused the Teleportation Incident in Mushoku Tensei?

The Teleportation incident in Mushoku Tensei, this is the first turning point in the life of Rudeus Greyrat. This incident changed the world significantly and had several side effects. But what do we know about the case?

If you, like me, are only watching the anime and don’t know, well, the adaptation so far hasn’t provided much detail about it. In fact, we have very little information, almost nothing, about when the case occurred.

But in this post, we’ll talk about what caused this incident because some people are eager to learn more about certain aspects of the story. And, to be honest, finding out the reasons behind the Teleportation incident has made me even more excited about the story of Mushoku Tensei.


What Caused the Teleportation Incident in Mushoku Tensei?

All the information below comes from the Mushoku Tensei Wikia since I haven’t read the light novel. If, by any chance, the Wikia is incorrect in any of the information below, please correct it in the comments, and I will make the necessary changes here.

First, let’s clarify one thing: Rudeus dies in the world while trying to save three students he sees arguing, as we see at the beginning of the series. There was a high school student and two boys with her:

What Caused the Teleportation Incident in Mushoku Tensei?

It turns out that not only Rudeus but also these three end up being transported to this world, with Rudeus being reincarnated. In episode 9, Nanahoshi shows these names to Rudeus:

What Caused the Teleportation Incident in Mushoku Tensei

These are the names of the two boys who were with her at the time of the accident and the teleportation to the other world. It turns out that Shinohara Akito is transported 80 years into the future from Rudeus and Nanahoshi’s time.

The cause of the teleportation incident was actually the result of events that occurred about 80 years in the future. At that time, a certain nation was involved in a war and used the power of an individual known as the “Playback Miko” to summon a boy from another world, who was prophesied as their savior. This boy was Shinohara Akito, Nanahoshi’s friend.

The Miko would grow close to the summoned hero and eventually develop feelings for him. Unfortunately, the boy was just an ordinary human and ended up dying when the country forced him into battle. Overcome by grief, the Miko exhausted her power to bend time and space to alter the world to one where she and the boy could live happily together.

What Caused the Teleportation Incident in Mushoku Tensei

To successfully change history, the Playback Miko used her power to find a person with similar feelings for the boy, just like her: his girlfriend from the original world. She then tried to summon her to her current location, the Fittoa Region, about 80 years in the past. The Miko’s hope was that this would allow her to prepare things so the boy wouldn’t have to die.

Unfortunately, the world itself resisted the Miko’s attempt to alter fate and summon Nanahoshi, so initially, nothing happened. However, the Miko’s attempt to summon someone from another world opened a rift in space from which the soul of a recently deceased individual emerged and was reincarnated in the world (Rudeus).

Because the reincarnated individual was not from this world, the world’s resistance to the Miko’s power began to weaken as he grew and started to influence the fate of those around him.

What Caused the Teleportation Incident in Mushoku Tensei

As a result, the void eventually became visible to the naked eye in the form of a floating red orb. Eventually, the world could no longer contain it, and the rift fulfilled its purpose by successfully summoning the boy’s girlfriend into the world, in this case, Nanahoshi, causing the Teleportation Incident in the process.

Shinohara Akito May Be the Protagonist in the Sequel to Mushoku Tensei

Mushoku Tensei has a planned sequel, and fans theorize that the protagonist could be Shinohara Akito since he is considered the hero in the future. Moreover, there are many unresolved issues in Rudeus’s story that may be addressed by his children in the future.

This made me appreciate the story of Mushoku Tensei even more because Rudeus was not chosen or anything; he just got caught up in all this confusion.

As mentioned before, all the information above comes from the Wikia, and I’m not sure if the Mushoku novel answers all these questions with certainty since we would need to wait for the sequel to Mushoku Tensei that the author plans to write, which will answer many questions and defeat enemies introduced during Rudeus’s time that will only be defeated in the future.

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