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Was there a lot of Thighs scenes in the Anime of Ryza?

Teve muito Anime nas Coxas da Ryza

Was there a lot of Thighs scenes in the Anime of Ryza? I watched the first episode of the Atelier Ryza anime, even though I said I wouldn’t. But I watched it for 2 reasons, Ryza’s right thigh and left thigh.

I just wanted to confirm if the Ryza anime focused a lot on her thighs, you know? Because I really wasn’t going to watch the anime, I prefer to play the game, but then so many images of Ryza’s thighs in the anime started to appear that I had to check it out.

Was there a lot of Thighs scenes in the Anime of Ryza?

So, how was the first episode? Honestly, it was a bit boring, the story is not very surprising. Ryza is a farmer’s daughter who is bored and wants to live an adventure, but nobody lets her go out alone into the world that is full of dangerous monsters. Oh, those annoying parents who won’t even let their daughter face mortal danger, right?

Was there a lot of Thighs in the Anime of Ryza?

But back to the focus, and our focus is those pairs of thighs that jump in your face every time they appear in the anime, do they really appear too much?

I don’t think so, Ryza’s thighs don’t appear excessively, like, in the opening and ending there are some scenes that focus on her thighs, for example, the image below is from the opening:

Was there a lot of Thighs scenes in the Anime of Ryza?

Damn, look at that, they really went all out on this anime. But as I was saying, I don’t think there were that many scenes of her thighs, obviously people like to exaggerate on the internet, there were many scenes that were normal.

Obviously, because of the fame the game gained, since you control Ryza and constantly see her and her thighs, fans on the internet only focus on that, but I really didn’t think there was too much focus on her thighs, it’s mostly in the opening and ending.

While I was watching the anime, I saved all the scenes where I thought her thighs were more prominent and made a post on Cakemoe with the compilation, go check it out!

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