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Don’t imitate this Lycoris Recoil eyecatch

Eyecatch de Lycoris Recoil Levanta Preocupações com Cosplayers

This Saturday episode 11 of Lycoris Recoil was broadcast, Chisato left to face Majima and it seems that the final battle will be very hyposa. But at the same time, this episode generated an article that was very concerned about this week’s Eyecath.

What is an eyecath? Eyecath is that sequence of illustrations that divide the episode (usually for commercials), we are publishing all Lycoris Recoil eyecatch on our profile:

Behold, episode 11 like any other also had eyecaths, but in this episode’s eyecath, we see Chisato and Takina smoking a Red spider lily:

Eyecatch de Lycoris Recoil Levanta Preocupações com Cosplayers
Lycoris Recoil Eyecath ep 11

It turns out that this eyecath raised concern from the person who made it (who posted a warning on their profile asking people not to imitate the scene above), as well as other people.

Many are worried that cosplayers will end up wanting to imitate the scene above, it turns out that this flower is toxic, you can end up poisoned because this plant releases licorin, which can be lethal.

“Please do not imitate the use of the spider lily because it is venomous, this is just an expression of my work”

Let’s hope that no cosplayer ends up wanting to imitate this eyecath.