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It didn’t help! DLSite removes Visa and MasterCard

DLSite removes Visa and MasterCard

It was only on March 26th that we reported here the DLSite’s attempt to appease the situation with Visa and MasterCard, which are the two largest credit card issuers in the world.

What’s been happening on the internet is that Visa and MasterCard are pressuring several websites and stores to ban adult content, and this has already been felt on Patreon, Pixiv, and recently Gumroad also banned adult content.

DLSite’s attempt was to change the tags on their site, so for example, works named with the tag “slave” became “servant”, “rape” became “Non-Consensual” and so on… DLSite didn’t want to ban this content but unfortunately the attempt was unsuccessful.

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DLSite removes Visa and MasterCard

In a new update, DLsite announced that payments by Visa and MasterCard credit cards are suspended and asks people to use other payment methods such as PayPay, FamiPay, BitCash, Line Pay, Edy, etc.

Obviously the reason was not given, only the news that they suspended the payment methods of these operators, but fans’ theory is that Visa and MasterCard did not accept the changes in the Tags’ names and requested the banning of all content on the site.

via Nico News

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