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Vtuber Amano Pikamee Announces Termination of Activities

Vtuber Amano Pikamee Announces Termination of Activities

Today, through an official statement both on its profile on social networks and on its channel, Vtuber Amano Pikamee announced that it will end its activities as Vtuber on March 31st.

According to the statement from the VOMS Project, the agency that takes care of Pikamee, they inform you that it will end its activities on March 31, 2023.

They spoke with Pikamee and out of respect for her decision to grade her in a positive way, they apologize for the sudden announcement and express their gratitude to Pikamee.

On March 31, Pikamee’s channel, members, Pikamee’s content on VOMS’ channel will be private. sales of Pikamee merchandise will be terminated and its social media will be inactive.

Lastly, they thank Pikamee so much and are sad to see her go, Pikamee is VOMS’ most popular Vtuber and she speaks fluent English, which allowed her to connect with overseas fans.

Below you can see her video, on her channel, thanking her fans and announcing her graduation:

When reading the comments on her video, on the VOMS post and on Pikamee’s profile, you realize that people are assuming that the reason for her graduation is the harassment she suffered for announcing that she wanted to play the game Hogwarts Legacy.

Vtuber Amano Pikamee Announces Termination of Activities

Pikamee had made an announcement that he wanted to play the game but soon began to receive uncool comments, and so he canceled the live and disappeared, now he has reappeared announcing his graduation.

Some comments:

“This is so sad, I was still hoping we had a chance that our cute little teapot would come between us”

“Kicked for playing a video game Jesus”

“This hurts my soul in more ways than one, Pikamee was the first Vtuber I ever liked, so to see her go, especially so suddenly, is heartbreaking. I REALLY hope this isn’t directly related to the bullying she suffered for Hogwarts Legacy “

“Pikamee no, not like that”

“We as an audience need to accept responsibility for this.”

“So sad to see her go, I really enjoyed her videos”

“It’s all because people can’t play a video game in peace. She didn’t deserve any of this. Responsibility won’t be taken, it never is.”

It’s really sad to see Pikamee leaving like this, she showed plans to go back to doing lives, Pikamee ended up going on a hiatus because her family got sick and she started to take care of them.

Dai announced his return to lives with Hogwarts Legacy and the rest you know.