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Dating App for Otakus Witnesses a Staggering Increase of Female Users

Dating App for Otakus Witnesses a Staggering Increase of Registered Women

Some time ago, a certain dating app designed for otakus became a topic of discussion due to its AI-driven advertisements. The app is called “Otakoi,” and it’s specifically tailored for otaku enthusiasts.

The primary focus when Otakoi first emerged was on its advertisements, with some individuals criticizing it, primarily for utilizing AI and secondarily for portraying an attractive woman with a more robust man, a typical “otaku” stereotype.

However, the advertising campaign turned out to be a success!

Dating App for Otakus Witnesses a Staggering Increase of Female Users

According to a post by the dating app itself, contrary to what many believed, the advertisements resulted in a significant increase in the number of women using the app!

“The AI-driven advertising campaign skyrocketed the number of female users; we were surprised as well.”

Otakoi is a dating app for otakus launched in November 2022 with the purpose of assisting individuals with otaku hobbies. However, it was only through these AI-crafted advertisements that the app gained popularity and recognition.

In addition to the well-known criticisms, the app was also criticized for allegedly “catering to male desires,” with people questioning things like, “What woman would see this and register?”

However, after the advertisements were released, in a statement to ITMedia on October 5th, HMSYSTEMS, the company behind Otakoi, revealed that the number of male members increased from 1.5 to 2 times more, while the number of female members surged considerably, ranging from 3 to 7 times more.

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The company believes this is due to the brand being recognized as trustworthy by women, thanks to the viral nature of the campaign, consequently boosting the number of female users. It’s worth noting that the ads also feature images of fit men alongside women, in addition to the typical “otaku” stereotype.

They further mention that, after the viralization of the advertising with overweight couples around mid-July, they changed their marketing strategy, replacing the usual images of beautiful girls and fit couples with images of more robust couples, resulting in a steady increase in users. Now, HMSYSTEMS even has an Otakoi product store, selling T-shirts featuring AI-generated images, and has launched LINE (Japanese messaging app) stickers and user interface themes using these images.

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