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Liar Liar Waifu nerf saddens otakus

Liar Liar Waifu nerf saddens otakus

Liar Liar Waifu nerf saddens otakus. Liar, Liar is one of the premieres of the summer season with GEEKTOYS being the studio responsible for the animation.

It turns out that the character Shirayuki Himeji’s breasts have shrunk considerably in the anime adaptation of Liar, Liar. You see, she looks like this in the light novel:

Liar Liar Waifu nerf saddens otakus

Liar Liar Waifu nerf saddens otakus

Many otakus were upset by the studio’s decision to make the character’s breasts smaller. Let’s take a look at some of the comments made by otakus:

”Wow, they wanted to reduce people’s interest in this series.”

”That is terrible.”

”I don’t understand why they don’t take care of the girls’ drawings in this kind of anime. Well, they’re pretty enough as they are.”

”The girls are cute, so I’ll keep going for now.”

”Actually, girls with big breasts are not taken seriously as heroines. I think Rem from Re:Zero was the only exception in the story. Maybe that’s why they made Bocchi-chan’s hiden?”

”The original illustrations are very outdated and old-fashioned erotic doujinshi drawings. In any case, the illustrator is probably an old man who worked on eroge.”

”Was that to satisfy the taste of the Chinese?”

”The original illustration is very poorly drawn, or it looks like the chest parts are glued together. Have you ever seen a naked human being?”

”The one in the anime looks good to me, but the original illustration is very poorly designed. And the structure of the body here?”

That’s it, there are those who find the anime design more realistic than the manga illustration. Otaku comments vary a lot in reality.

Source: Yaraon

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