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Studio Uses Girl for Cure Wing Cosplay, Faces Criticism

Studio Uses Girl for Cure Wing Cosplay, Faces Criticism

In August,  a case of a little boy who ended up crying when he went to a PreCure event and found out there was no Cure Wing costume.

Just to provide some context, PreCure is an anime series about magical girls, targeted at a young female audience. Besides the anime, there are many PreCure merchandise and events.

Given that the focus is on girls, it’s quite rare to have male characters as magical boys, but in the current season, we have Cure Wing, a boy who transforms and is part of the main group.

Studio Uses Girl for Cure Wing Cosplay, Faces Criticism

So, a story went viral in August about a little boy who watches and likes PreCure. He wanted to go to the event, and his mother took him, only to discover that there were no Cure Wing costumes available. At this event, children could dress up in characters’ costumes.

Studio Uses Girl for Cure Wing Cosplay, Faces Criticism

After the controversy broke out, the event stated that they bought costumes from stores and couldn’t find Cure Wing costumes. This indicated that the companies owning the series were not producing Cure Wing cosplays. However, this changed, and his cosplay was announced, bringing joy to the children.

However, people seemed not to understand, as a tweet from Studio Mario in September once again left folks upset. After the story of the little boy went viral and touched everyone, a new event where children could dress up emerged. But in the announcement…

Studio Uses Girl for Cure Wing Cosplay, Faces Criticism

They featured a girl wearing Cure Wing’s costume, so you can imagine that people weren’t very pleased. After all, as mentioned before, shortly after the story of that boy went viral and moved people, they put a girl as Cure Wing instead of a boy.

Let’s take a look at some comments:

“Why not let boys wear it? It’s a Cure Wing for boys, right?”

“Why a girl, man? Give boys what they deserve.”

“Sponsors absolutely refuse to accept a man. If that’s the case, they should have opposed it from the beginning.”

“And maybe it would have been better if they had prepared models for both boys and girls…”

“I would have preferred a male model!!!”

“They’re criticizing for using a girl, but the company has its own reasons. Originally, they only catered to women, so they had to use a girl, so why complain? Besides, there’s a demand for girls.”

“Well, the target audience is girls.”

“Honestly, Supreme looks more masculine than Wing.”

“How many boys really go to a photo studio to wear Precure clothes for photos? Doesn’t seem profitable.”

“Wing is a boy, so naturally boys can wear it, but if the model is a girl, it means both boys and girls can wear it. Those who say to change the model to a boy need to realize that.”

“Saying that girls can’t wear clothes of male characters is absurd discrimination.”

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