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Pochita Cake was seen in a market in Canada

Pochita Cake was seen in a market in Canada

Chainsaw Man debuted and Pochita quickly became a very popular pet, generating not only several products with his face, but also very funny cosplays.

A Pochita cake was seen in a market in Canada, it is round, has the character’s eyes and mouth, in addition to the saw coming out of the middle of the eyes. The cake is named ”Cartoon Styled Cake”, should they have named it that way to avoid copyright issues? Anyway, Pochita cake costs 40 dollars.

pochita cake

Chainsaw Man Synopsis

Denji is a teenager who lives with Pochita, the Chainsaw Demon. Due to the debts he inherited from his father, he lives in poverty, exterminating other demons with Pochita to pay the bills. Until, one day, Denji is betrayed and dies. In his last moments of consciousness, he forms a contract with Pochita and is reborn as Chainsaw Man, a human with a demon’s heart.