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MAPPA founder: ”China will surpass Japan in animation”

China will surpass Japan in animation

Madhouse co-founder and MAPPA studio founder Masao Murayama revealed that he is worried about the future of the anime industry and says that China will surpass Japan in animation.

Murayama said that one of the reasons China still hasn’t surpassed Japan in this area is because of restrictions placed on freedom of expression: ”If freedom had free rein in China, Japan would be overtaken in a short time,” Murayama said.

Murayama also says that although in Japan there is more freedom in terms of anime creation, Japanese studios are not knowing how to take advantage of this properly, as they are only focusing on creating commercial plans that seek to obtain the greatest possible economic benefit.

china will surpass japan in animation

China will surpass Japan in animation

He also admits that creating new works means challenging yourself to create something original, regardless of what has been done in the past.

According to Murayama, this selfish attitude is an integral part of creativity. He also says he doesn’t want to limit directors’ creativity and prefers to allow them to explore their talent without interfering with his creative process.

china will surpassa japan in animation

Masao Murayama’s words generated some comments online, shall we get to them?

”Papa China is getting better at animation”

”Seems like a roundabout way of saying it’s not possible”

”How many decades have they been saying the same thing?”

”If the Chinese Communist Party dissolves, does that mean they can defeat Japan?”

”I’m not interested in China’s common fantasy”

”It seems to me that China’s human resources go there because games are more profitable, or maybe anime isn’t as interesting”

”Animation is the only thing that will be nearly eradicated by AI”

”The shoguns have been overcome, and soon China will surpass Japan in animation”

Will China surpass Japan in animation? Well, we have companies like Kadokawa trying to change the industry by making it more flexible for those who want to work in it. Anyway, only time will tell.

Via: IGN

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