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Bocchi the Rock fans are causing trouble in Japan

Bocchi the Rock fans are causing trouble in Japan

It seems that after the huge success of the anime, Bocchi the Rock fans are causing trouble for stores and venues in Japan. So much so that the official website and the official profile of the anime put the same notice in Japanese, English and Chinese, showing that it is fans of all locales who are causing problems.

Bocchi the Rock was the most popular anime of the Fall 2022 season, surpassing Chainsaw Man in several anime rankings out there, so the huge success was perhaps to be expected?

But how are Bocchi the Rock fans are causing Trouble?

The Bocchi the Rock anime, like many other Japanese anime, uses real locations in Japan as the setting for its stories. So the club they sing in, the streets they walk through, the restaurants they go to, everything really exists and fans can visit the same places.

The video below compares various locations the girls have been to in the anime:

And this Youtuber went to the real Starry:

However, apparently there are Bocchi the Rock fans causing trouble in these venues! The anime’s official website posted the following statement:

“Thank you for your continued support for “Bocchi the Rock!”.
Once again, we would like to make a request to all those who visit the locations portrayed in the anime.

Please be considerate and refrain from causing any inconvenience to the live houses, stores, other tenants of the building, residents of the neighborhood, and surrounding community.
We ask that all visitors, both individuals and groups, to avoid visiting, photographing, and filming on weekends or holidays.

Please refrain from blocking roads, making loud noises, and photogrpahing/filming residences.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.”

Bocchi the Rock fans are causing trouble in Japan

Boy, it looks like people are going to visit Bocchi’s places and start to annoy the locals with noises, blocking the way, unwanted photos and more! The Japanese reacted to the news that Bocchi the Rock fans are causing trouble out there as follows:

“People who break in illegally and just take pictures before leaving are just an annoying presence.”

“Why do people make pilgrimages to holy places?”

“Why not create an original city as a backdrop?”

“When did anime start copying real cities?”

“It doesn’t make sense to encourage characters to be excited about Shimokitazawa while forbidding people to go there and take pictures.”

“But it’s natural to want to go there and take some pictures.”

“Of course, we can’t bother the locals.”

“Can’t we even go there? How absurd. I got discouraged even after I liked Bocchi the Rock! and thought about going there eventually.”

Well, it’s normal for happy fans to want to visit the real locations and see where the cute girls went, but just try not to bother people.

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