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The Exit 8 is recreated in realistic video

The Exit 8 is recreated in realistic video

As we said previously, in The Exit 8, you need to escape the underground passages of a Japanese station by detecting anomalies. Success on Steam is developed by Kotake Create.

Recently, a video exploded on Twitter where The Exit 8 is recreated in a realistic way, receiving a lot of praise from users highlighting how well done the video is.

The Exit 8 is recreated in realistic video

Produced by artist and visual effects director Ray Wakui, the video combines real-life footage of a train station crossing with game assets, see the video below:

The video was an absolute success with more than 6 million views and was highly praised by users on the internet with comments such as ”It’s super realistic” and ”He gave his all”.

You can find anomalies in the video such as the maintenance gate that opens and closes, the diagonal lights on the ceiling, the ”return” sign and of course, the man covered in tiles who jumps in your face.

Some users pointed out that the diagonal lights on the ceiling look a lot like the installation at Kiyosumi Shirakawa Station in Tokyo:

The Exit 8 é recriado em vídeo realista extremamente assustador

It appears that Ray Wakui used real footage of Kiyosumi Station in his composite creation, as the diagonal ceiling lights and Oedo Hanzomon line signs can be seen in the video below:

And the making-of shows how Wakui combined camera footage with aspects of the game. Wakui is the head of video creation studio VEABLE which uses chroma key technology to make videos using live action composite VFX which can result in the creation of a realistic atmosphere with horrifying touches.

The Exit 8 walking simulator is available on Steam.

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