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Asuka VA talks about her Difficult Life in Interview

Asuka VA talks about her Difficult Life in Interview

Yuko Miyamura is well known in the anime world as the voice actress of Asuka, one of the main characters in the mega hit Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Recently, this voice actress gave an interview to Bunshun Online where she talked a little about her turbulent life and her career as a seiyuu.

Asuka VA talks about Bullying and first marriage

In this interview, Yuko Miyamura tells that she was bullied during her childhood because of her unique voice, and that as a child she wanted a career that she could continue even after getting married (Usually women become housewives after getting married in Japan).

Her first marriage was in 1998, but it didn’t last long, as Miyamura divorced the following year. Miyamura had her second marriage in 2004, in this marriage she had two children, a girl who was born in 2004 and a boy who was born in 2011, she ended up moving to Australia.

She was diagnosed with Graves’ disease and exophthalmos in May 2007, which affected her a lot, so much so that she wanted to stop voicing the few characters she had at the time.

Asuka VA talks about her Difficult Life in Interview

Asuka VA and her Second Marriage

Even married, it was Yuko Miyamura who earned the necessary money so that she and her husband could support themselves, she even paid her husband’s bills, and because of him she sacrificed her career in Japan with this change.

In 2016 they divorced when her now ex-husband said that this was not what he wanted for her life. Now she was single with two kids, her voice acting career…

Megumi Ogata, who lends her voice to Shinji Ikari, had this to say: “If we were to order the voice actors who were going through the worst time during the years when Evangelion was very popular, I think Yuko Miyamura would take the first or second position. ”.

Dubladora da Asuka conta sobre sua Difícil Vida

Miyamura reports that she fainted several times and was given an injection in her throat before returning to the set. She had to repeat this process on several occasions. Taking on the role of Asuka Langley was a mental contamination for her, which made her sick.

If you take her work list as we can see here on MAL, she basically only has two roles, Asuka in Evangelion and Kazuha in Conan, which honestly is a shame having the voice she has, but she says that her life and her two children depend on the money she earns instead of her father helping.

A fan summed up the life of Asuka’s voice actress well:

  • At age 22, he lands the role of Asuka.
  • At the age of 25 she marries and separates
  • At 31, he marries again
  • At 34, she moved to Australia and shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with Graves’ disease.
  • At 43, he gets divorced again and returns to Japan.
  • At the age of 48, your son takes the entrance exam

Other comments:

“I wonder how much she’s earning today”

“I’m impressed that she can still voice Asuka”

”For a while she mentioned that it was impossible for her to continue doing Asuka’s voice, but it seems she has recovered”

”It seems Asuka Langley’s tragic life ended up affecting her own voice actress as well”

”I think it’s amazing how she can still do Asuka’s voice naturally, I imagine it must be very difficult”

And that’s how Asuka VA life turned out. A pretty turbulent life around the time Evangelion exploded in popularity.

Source: Bunshun Online