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Hunter x Hunter Creator Yoshihiro Togashi Updates Fans on His Health

Togashi Updates Fans on His Health

Fans now know that Hunter x Hunter creator Yoshihiro Togashi’s health has not been good, after he opened his Twitter account he has been more open and communicative with fans.

He himself has already confirmed that he is unable to sit in a chair and has asked fans to take care of his back. In an update posted today, Togashi updated fans on his health.

Togashi says in the above tweet that over the years the symptoms have not improved and he has had to devote a lot of his time to treatment and recovery. In early July Togashi revealed that every time he goes to the bathroom he has to take a shower because he can’t wipe his butt.

Finally he gave an update on chapter 399, to which Togashi says they are discussing background effects with his assistants. To see the latest update of the Hunter x Hunter chapters click here.