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Pierrot Employee arrested for assault

Pierrot Employee arrested for assault

A Pierrot employee arrested for assault is news, you must know Pierrot, right? If not, it’s an anime studio responsible for famous anime like Naruto, Bleach, Black Clover, among others.

Pierrot Employee arrested for assault

Recently, the Kanagawa Prefectural Police arrested a company employee for assaulting a taxi driver. That employee is 42-year-old Yuusuke Watanabe.

Pierrot Employee arrested for assault

The guy was completely drunk and ended up sleeping in the car. When they arrived at their destination, the taxi driver tried to wake him up and, with that, he became furious and acted violently with the taxi driver.

This episode generated some even funny comments:

”Oh no, Pierrot again”

”Drunks are very quick to get their hands on you”

”Isn’t this the company responsible for Tokyo Ghoul and Rurouni Kenshin?”

”In the end, Pierrot’s employee also turned out to be a clown”

And that’s not all, do you think he paid for the taxi? No, he ran away. In the end, Watanabe admitted to the police that he had attacked the taxi driver, but denied certain accusations such as that he had fled the scene without paying for the taxi.

Source: Yahoo Japan!