Some Complain about Boobs on Evangelion Blu-ray Cover

Boobs on Evangelion Blu-ray Cover

Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of the most important anime in history, and even with the most recent movies, which has a much superior animation to the old anime, the original continues to receive re-releases.

In Germany a special Blu-ray set called “SteelBook Edition” will be released, this set will have all the original anime plus Evangelion:Death(True) plus The End of Evangelion.

The package comes in a big box where you will have three smaller boxes inside with 6 discs in total and a special book, despite the nice set, otakus can only complain about Asuka and Rei’s breasts on the cover:

Boobs on Evangelion Blu-ray Cover

As you can see, we have Boobs on Evangelion Blu-ray Cover, boobs of the three main characters, Shinji, Asuka and Rei, but some people had to criticize the girls’ boxes for “highlighting” their boobs.

Some comments:

“That covert art is just… Why?? You had multiple other choices like… dunno, put the mechs on the cover and be done with it, they’re cooler and better looking than some boobs.”

“If the covers get you worked up, wait till you get to the part where one of the characters jacks off to another character who’s comatose in a hospital bed”

“Evangelion underage boobs edition”

“This anime has such a good, deep plot! *pulls out the box set featuring pictures of 14 year old girl tits*”

“Bro what are these cover arts”

“perfect for owning evangelion on blu ray and getting the authorities called on me”

“These cover art are so weird, they could have used the Eva’s eyes or the pilot’s, considering they’re all iconic. Why focus on their chests??”

“The funniest thing here is Shinji also has a closeup”

“Yes umm can i get the steelbook with shinjis chest and the other two pilots instead of yknow cool Evas?”

And have some comments defending the covers:

“These Blu-ray cases are doing a great job of separating anime fans from the “tourists”. Like, if this sorta thing bothers you guys that much, y’all might as well just quit being into anime altogether. You’ll be whining a lot lol.”

“This is what EVA is, this is what EVA ALWAYS was, it was always an emotional, mature and epic story about self descovery and Mecha Battles, WITH TONS OF FANSERVICE, it was never “a critique” of fanservice, the fanservice was probably the most sincere part of the whole series”

“Me: “That badass. Get to see the iconic plug suits as cover arts.” For Some Reason These People: “oMg seXuAliZinG mInoRs!” Do they always have certain lens on when seeing anything?”

“You can tell the age and how recent some others began to watch anime based on the people complaining over something as miniscule as this box cover lmao”

“…people really complaining about the focus of Asuka and Rei’s chests when Shinji got the same treatment? Oh right, y’all only have problems when it’s happening to female characters and ignore when it happens to male characters. Got it.”

“I’m not the one to say it, but they need to touch the grass and get some air. they are angry with a product”

“Ok,you in the replies,did you start watching anime yesterday or what to react like that?did you guys find out where babies come from recently too?”


Well, this Steelbook is only 135 euros and will be available on November 4th in Germany.