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Artist receives Strange Messages from a Love Live fan

Artist receives Strange Messages from a Love Live fan

Artist receives Strange Messages from a Love Live fan. An artist ended up becoming a subject when she published a very strange conversation with a guy who is a fan of Love Live.

The Love Live fan wrote the following to this artist: ”Hello. I know you’re going to answer me in the negative, but I send you this direct message with a request”.

The artist replied: ”Thanks for your message, what is your request?”, and the Love Live fan replied: ”Sorry, thanks for replying. I was going to say I’d like to buy your lunch and give me a wank. Now I’ve calmed down, so forget it”.

artist receives strange messages

Artist receives Strange Messages from a Love Live fan

The guy went to Twitter to try to explain himself about what happened, let’s check it out:

”Hello, I’m ”Skycloss”. I apologize for the trouble I caused. I have sent direct and obscene messages to my followers in the past, and in the past I have sent direct messages to various people asking them to get to know me, for example ”I want to have fun” or ”I want to meet you”.

I mistakenly thought we had become ”friends” because we became mutual (we follow each other on Twitter), and I wanted to get closer.

I was stressed in my personal life and I thought I could relieve my stress by having fun. And as for the lewd messages, I had the worst thought as a human being: ”The other person is fine with vulgarity, so it’s okay to send”.

When I was exposed this time, I realized the seriousness of what I had done and lost the trust of many people, and I also received several opinions from people outside of this.

I thought about apologizing, but I couldn’t take my mistake and everyone’s harsh opinions, so I deleted my account. I’m sorry for the damage I’ve done to all of you, but I’ve realized that I can’t change if I don’t accept the harsh opinions. I promise not to send direct messages or replies from now on, and to refrain from following them. I will also refrain from participating in circles for a while. I am really sorry”.

Shall we check some comments from the Japanese?

”Again, this is all the work of a Love Live! Nijigasaki”

”I feel bad for Ayumu-chan, guys like that give everyone a bad name”

”These types of nasty topics are quite common on social networks like Twitter”

”What is the success rate of this matter? Has this strategy ever worked for you?”

”If you are beautiful, the success rate is 100%”

”Then again, why did he only ask for a wank? It seems strange to me”

”It seems that these types of messages are proliferating on Twitter. Perhaps there is a virus circulating?”

”Couldn’t he have gone to a massage parlour? I think it’s cheaper than taking a woman out to eat”

”Now I’m ashamed to say that I’m also a fan of Love Live!. I think I’ll change my profile picture for a while”

At least he looks pretty sorry, huh?

Source: Yaraon!

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