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Love Live returns to Annoy some because of “Transparent Clothes”

Love Live returns to Annoy some

People who started complaining about it will never stop, Love Live is an idol series that has anime, movies, manga, games and real concerts.

Various girls’ events are made all the time, collaborations, advertisements so it’s normal for them to appear in many different looks.

But since the case of the collaboration with LaLaport Numazu, every time Love Live has a collaboration, people appear complaining that the girls’ clothes are transparent and reveal the girls’ crotch.

The first case was this one:

Collab de Love Live causa Reclamação por Saia Transparente

At the time, feminist groups were irritated that even with the skirt, the line showed Chika’s curves. There were so many complaints that the poster was withdrawn.

Then it was this look here that was criticized, for the same reason:

Nova Arte de Love Live gera Ameaças

In this case, even threats were made because of the lines on the girls’ skirts. And now a new collaboration between Liella and NewDays has spawned a new look where few girls have the lines but we still had complaints.

The new look:

Love Live returns to Annoy some

These are some comments made by the visual above:

“Another Love Live with vacuum crotch”

“It’s really funny, do you really want to show your crotch?”

“Putting aside the pros and cons of the moment, the evil that the otaku free speech warrior has to admit is that there’s a sexual agenda to it. There’s no other reason to throw reality away and go to the trouble of vacuuming everything up.” “

Guys really forget that anime is not meant to be in line with reality, there’s also the fact that Love Live’s visuals have been putting those lines in the drawings for a while, it’s not something new.

But anyway, now that Love Live has been targeted, any collaboration will be subject to criticism.

via: Twitter