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Handshake Event with Vtuber become viral for Being Too Weird

Handshake Event with Vtuber

Handshake event is something totally common and natural in the Japanese idol industry, you stand in a line and for a few seconds you come face to face with your favorite idol and you can shake hands with her.

And the Vtuber industry is also full of idols, but in the case of a Vtuber, the typical handshake events must be altered by the Vtuber nature of girls.

There is a Vtuber called Naito Mare who focuses on adult ASMR content on her channel, she posted on her profile that she will be holding a handshake event, but the way it will be done has drawn a lot of attention!

Handshake Event with Vtuber

As you can see in the photo below, the handshake event focuses on having the image of Vtuber Naito Mare on a screen and two fake hands coming out of a hole, simulating her hands.

The answers were as varied as possible, but there were people comparing the scene above with that of game bosses.

What do you think about this type of events?