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Anime Industry Bubble Is About to Burst, Says Insider

Anime Industry Bubble Is About to Burst, Says Insider

According to Justin Sevakis, founder of Anime News Network and MediaOCD (which produces Blu-rays for anime, among other things), the anime industry is on the verge of facing a “bubble” that is very close to bursting.

Anime Industry Bubble Is About to Burst, Says Insider

In his Twitter profile, he stated: “I have two meetings at Anime Expo this year, but so far my conclusions are as follows: 1) The anime content bubble is likely to burst soon. There are too many animes, and no one can keep up, not the fans, nor the industry. 2) Anime merchandise sales have plummeted, especially the numbers.”

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Justin said, “everyone is tense/worried” about the industry’s situation. This led many people to ask if we are close to another “2007.” In 2007, the industry faced a crisis that resulted in a drop in the number of animes produced in Japan and licensed in the West in 2008. However, Justin believes the current situation is slightly different.

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When asked about the merchandise situation, Justin said that one of the causes of the product decline is high inflation and less time spent at home post-COVID. A fan asked what the cause of this possible new bubble in the industry would be, and Justin suggested it would be the decline in the number of animes produced each season.

Currently, we are in the summer 2024 season with a total of 54 new animes. In the next season, we already have at least 50 confirmed animes. Some say this is too many animes per season, more than people can keep up with and buy products.

All we can do is wait and see if this bubble actually bursts or if it is an unfounded prediction.

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