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252289: Is this a Phasmophobia Code?

252289: Is this a Phasmophobia Code?

Be extremely honest, if you see the number 252289, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? What could this number signify? If you’re an otaku deeply involved in daily otaku culture, perhaps I know what you might think.

Hello, it’s us again with a rather peculiar post. Did the title pique your curiosity? In case you’re not familiar with this story – just like I wasn’t until yesterday – you’ll get to know about it today.

252289: Is this a Phasmophobia Code?

Our case dates back over two years. Imagine a regular Discord server where friends are chatting, and one of them seemingly joins the conversation late, only to see a number in the chat: 252289.

As I mentioned earlier, what do you think this number would be? Our friend Drainer$Banroll$BeNice2Me thought it might be a code from the infamous NH3ntai website.

This website is extremely popular and known because all the adult mangas uploaded there are associated with numerical codes, like 177013.

Speaking of 177013, that number is practically sacred within the cultured otaku community, as it’s linked to one of the most famous h3ntai mangas.

But getting back on track, let’s delve into the amusing situation that unfolded in this Discord:

252289? Isso é um Código de Phasmophobia?

The conversation begins with the user Sx Fuckr simply posting a number without context – 252289. Enter the legendary Drainer$Banroll$BeNice2Me, who assumes it’s a code from Nh3ntai and proceeds to look up the corresponding manga.

Turns out, it’s a Yaoi manga featuring young boys. In response, Drainer$Banroll$BeNice2Me calls Sx Fuckr a “gay pedophile,” to which the reply comes: “Dude, it’s a Phasmophobia code.” This is met with the hilariously understated “Oh.”

The fact that Drainer$Banroll$BeNice2Me assumed it was a doujin code is quite amusing, and if you visit the doujin’s page now, you’ll find several comments about the incident:

“The fact that they were so ready to challenge each other, but instead ended up exposing themselves. XD Caught in 4K.”

“It’s a nice Phasmophobia code, I admit.”

“Wait, this isn’t Phasmophobia…”

“That idiot gave the wrong code for Phasmophobia.”

“Wait, this isn’t the Phasmophobia code…”

“Let’s play Phasmophobia, guys.”

“It’s a Phasmophobia code!”

“The question is: was it really a Phasmophobia code?”

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