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Doujin created with AI sells over 4 Million Yen

Doujin created with AI sells over 4 Million Yen

We have already reported here in the past when AIs were at the beginning of how much some people were managing to profit absurdly with doujin created with AI, and even with all the bans that several sites applied, we still have examples of the type.

Doujin created with AI sells over 4 Million Yen

The doujin is called “ようこそ!生活〜” (Something like: “Welcome to the Slave Academy*** Se***** – A daily harem life, where beautiful girls are used and discarded one after the other).

This doujin has 880 pages and weighs a total of 915 MB in size, it is a very massive “work”, but what impresses here are the sales, at the time of this post this doujin has sold 5,835 copies!

Doujin created with AI sells over 4 Million Yen

Now do the math, 5,835 copies coming out for 704 yen (with coupons), that’s more than 4 million yen this doujin generated, but I’m considering the price with coupons, if it’s the full price of 880 yen gives more than 5 million yen! (something around $ 28,339.65), let’s see how the Japanese reacted?

“This is literally printing money”

“Ratings may not be amazing, but the quantity is substantial, looking for mistakes should be fun”

“Of all the CG collections I’ve seen, this has to be the biggest seller, in the past most had 20-30 downloads.”

“They could make money showing in a documentary how they did it”

“They are using AI effectively here, drawing a large number of characters would cost a lot, so they are differentiating them well”

“When you do that, you find it’s easy to increase the number of pages once the prompts are ready. What takes time is the selection after that.”

What do you think about AI-created doujins?

via Otakomu

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