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“Would drawing me be Misogyny?” Japanese woman posts Illustration of herself and causes controversy on Twitter

Would drawing me be Misogyny

On August 25th @kangokugai published an illustration of a woman and generated complaints from many people because of the caption she put on the image.

Basically her publication came with a text criticizing those who complain and accuse illustrations of being misogynistic. Check out her post below:

“If it’s misogyny to highlight sexual parts like boobs and ass when drawing women, then if I draw myself as I am, a real person with big boobs and a big ass and a flat waist, would that be misogyny and sexual exploitation too? would they need to make my tits and ass smaller for me to become acceptable?”

The publication with its illustration below:

Would drawing me be Misogyny

Soon she was attacked by other profiles that identified themselves as women, some accusing the @kangokugai profile of being fake, of not being a real woman. The discussion continued until @kangokugai said that the illustration above was based on a photo of herself and made by Yuha Takamori.

“You are not real, this violates the law of gravity, I only ask that these exaggerated illustrations are only used where permitted,” said one furious person. To prove that she was real, @kangokugai decided to publish real photos of herself, to show her breast sizes:

Would drawing me be Misogyny Would drawing me be Misogyny

One person doubted that her boobs would be lifted as the illustration shows, and so she decided to take a picture showing her boobs holding a cellphone:

Would drawing me be Misogyny

There really is a group on Japanese Twitter that really likes to attack illustrations with busty women and even real, big-breasted women who declare their support for these illustrations.

via: Yaraon