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Miku Itou’s relationship was exposed by another voice actress?

Miku Itou's relationship was exposed by another voice actress

An update on Miku Itou’s relationship that was recently discovered via Bunshun Online. The year 2022 was quite hectic for some Japanese celebrities. We had the case of Takahiro Sakurai who admitted to having cheated on his wife for 10 years, to the case of former idol Okada Nana who was discovered to have a boyfriend.

And now comes the case of Miku Itou, seiyuu and singer’s relationship, which was recently discovered through Bunshun Online. The fact is that being part of this industry is not easy. Having his private life exposed is harmful to the artist’s career and can lead to threats from some more radical fans.

There are also those who are part of the same industry and who try to bring others down, is what a source pointed out. Apparently, there are actresses who try to destroy others who are more popular than them, this is the likely reason why Miku Itou’s relationship was exposed.

miku itou's relationship

An announcer who works on shows with voice actors and other performers says that popular female voice actors have good looks and often attend impromptu groups or other similar activities. It just makes them busier, plus they get more slurs from fans on social media, so sometimes they have a mental breakdown and can’t keep up their motivation.

The industry’s profit structure also seems to be hurting voice actresses, as even if a group is formed and CDs are released and concerts are held, the voice actresses themselves don’t earn much.

miku itou's relationship

In large groups, fees are distributed and most of the revenue goes to companies such as those who own the copyrights for animations and games. Despite this, they attract a lot of public attention, which is why they are targets of celebrity magazines and followed by fans in private life.

Miku Itou’s relationship was exposed by another voice actress?

There are situations where the voice actors themselves sabotage their co-workers. Some voice actresses are heard to leak their rivals’ private lives to magazines and online streamers.

Miku Itou’s relationship recently discovered through Bunshun Online is a good example of this. Some try to get under the hood instead of competing on the basis of talent.

This case of Miku Itou’s relationship stirred up social networks with several comments:

”You can’t even go to the bathroom alone, how awful”

”A colleague who knew about Miku Itou’s private life? This is not a colleague, but someone she considered a friend”

”The voice-over industry is even worse than normal acting, and that’s the fans’ fault”

”Voice actresses usually have romantic relationships with other people and virgin otakus can’t stand that”

”It’s a shitty business full of immature fans”

”I wish the idol industry would stop trying to satisfy immature otakus”

Miku Itou cancels performances after relationship scandal

Seiyuu Miku Itou announced through her official Twitter profile that her live broadcast ”Miku Itou Line Live” was canceled due to the artist’s poor health.

Miku Itou is also an idol, this makes her fans with the following mentality: ”An idol cannot date”, otherwise it would be pointed out as a ”betrayal”, it may be hard to swallow, but the agencies themselves sustain that kind of fan.

But also this ”poor physical condition” is often used by artists when they get involved in controversies, this to justify their absence from events, it is a strategy to wait for the dust to settle.

His fans have already voiced concerns:

”It’s those fans who must be sick, dammit!”

”Oh no, Miku-chan”

”Is she going to be okay?”

”Unfortunately, Miku Itou is promoted by her company as an ”idol”, when her main profession has always been voice acting”

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Source: Yaraon!