Ikuse Otome to Ikusa Goto: Adult manga with a GOOD Story

Ikusa Otome to Ikusa Goto

Authored by Mashu, today I came to introduce you to an adult manga, it’s called Ikuse Otome to Ikusa Goto! This manga has stood out for presenting an interesting backstory, with beautiful art and hentai scenes.

Mashu has only released two volumes so far, he makes the manga and releases them on platforms like DMM where he sells them online, the first volume has 97 pages and the second an impressive 163 pages!

And that’s why I’m here presenting this manga to you, because despite being adult manga, adult doujins, the author also focuses a lot on the story and the author’s traits are very beautiful.

This is a great example of an adult manga that could very well be picked up by a publisher and turned into a manga series.

The Story of Ikuse Otome to Ikusa Goto

In a certain world, in a certain era, the military strength of a nation is determined by the number of armed groups, or “guilds”, that that nation has. However, these guilds compete with each other, creating guilds more powerful than the nations themselves.

The most powerful guilds end up abandoning their nations to satisfy their own desires, so a fierce battle ends up happening, and in this era there is a guild of warriors that surpasses itself.

It is a guild composed only of beautiful women, it was a group of women who considered themselves stronger than an entire nation: The Valkyries:

The manga then starts from there and shows them fighting giant monsters, the trait is very beautiful and only after the story is the “action” prohibited for those under 18 years old.

As you can see from the image above, we have 6 members in the Valkyries guild, each volume starts by telling the story and showing them together and what they are doing, but then the story focuses on just one of them and that’s when all the hentai begins .

From the covers of the volumes above you know who takes the action in each volume.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one day Ikuse Otome to Ikusa Goto actually ends up turning into a regular manga, ending up being published in a magazine.