Woman says Cult forbade her to watch Anime claiming it was the devil’s program

Woman says Cult forbade her to watch Anime

News portal NTV News interviewed a woman in her 30s who recounted her experience as part of a religious cult in Japan. This Woman says Cult forbade her to watch Anime because it was “the show of Satan”.

Religious cults are quite common in Japan and some tend to have very strange things, and quite frightening ways of recruiting, such as impersonating Pokémon players.

According to the interview with this 30-year-old woman who is no longer part of the Church she was a member of, she said that “everything had been stolen” from her.

She said that when she was a child, religious worship was everything to her and that she believed in it, she also didn’t have access to other knowledge so she believed what she was told.

Woman says Cult forbade her to watch Anime – “This is from Satan”

Below is the video of the woman telling her story, her face and voices censored to prevent her from being identified and suffering from dams, the cult is called “Unification Church”.

According to what she says, she had several restrictions, the Woman says Cult forbade her to watch Anime, claiming it was the devil’s program:

Even if I wanted to watch some popular anime, they would tell me: ‘you can’t because this is from Satan’ If I ended up watching it they would wash my eyes because they would say my eyes were dirty

Woman says Cult forbade her to watch Anime and also to have a Romance

She also says that the cultists controlled even her romantic life:

I wasn’t allowed a love life, I had my first boyfriend in high school and my mom found out, I was forced to fast because they wouldn’t let me eat, she told me to regret having a relationship with a man who was against the doctrine of the Church

She says that her family went bankrupt, she said she was raised in fear of disobeying the teachings of the Church, believing that she would go to hell, but her family made a lot of donations to the Church which made her go bankrupt. It was there that she left the house and the Church and began to work.

An expert who studies problems related to religious cults said this about child coercion by cults: “Children are not free to disbelieve. They are recruited and teach doctrines to them without their having a choice. definition of child abuse”.

Religious cults is a problem in Japan because there are many and their tactics are usually to take money from the faithful, obviously there are good churches that try to help everyone, but that is not always everyone’s intention.

Arigas Yaraon