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Otaku Dating App is the Tinder for Anime Fans

Otaku Dating App

You are an otaku and you want to find that person with whom you know how to create a special relationship, but you want to put in your Tinder Bio that you like anime, your problems are over because now there is the Otaku Dating app, a dating app for anime fans!

So maybe you don’t risk matching with your own sister on Tinder huh? I mean I don’t even know if people on Tinder imply if you identify as an Otaku, but in the Otaku Dating app the focus is on being fully otaku.

Developed by a Mexican team, the Otaku Dating app appears on the Play Store as “Dating Otaku”, and according to the description, you can meet people from Japan, France, Mexico, the United States and other countries.

How does the Otaku Dating app work?

You can see the app’s page on the Play Store here, but below is its basic information:

“For anime, manga and video game lovers”

Otaku Dating App

You can meet otakus who want to date from all over the world.

Otaku Dating App

I don’t know exactly what ups would be, but there are in-app purchases:

Otaku Dating App

Find who likes you!

Otaku Dating App

The Otaku Dating App is also available for iOS. Despite the good idea, the app has received many complaints from users who claim that in free mode you can’t do anything practically, most people complain about the way the app demands money.

Anyway, you can try your luck and find that stinky otaku or that stinky otaku to call your own.

via: Voce Sabia Anime