5 Anti Anime Censorship Candidates Running in Japan’s Elections

5 Anti Anime Censorship Candidates

Elections are getting closer and closer in Japan and can determine many things for the future, these elections will elect 124 of the 245 members to the Japan House of Councilors, which will take place on July 25th, those elected will remain in office for a period of six years old.

And behold, today I will present 5 Anti Anime Censorship Candidates that are running for these elections. Their banners are often from freedom of expression to Japanese creative works, away from regulations, increasingly likely to happen.

Here you will only see 5 candidates, but the truth is that there are others, some from the list below have actually done something against censorship in previous positions, others need to prove themselves.

5 Anti Anime Censorship Candidates Running in Japan’s Elections

Kenzo Fujisue

Kenzo Fujisue: rulling party, one of the legislators whom the Comiket Preparation committe thanked by name when Comiket was reopened. He says:

Under the slogan “Support and Protect Creative Culture” i will not only protect creative expressions such as manga, anime and games, but also support them economically and institutionally, aiming to make Japan a creative culture powerhouse!

He defended the Tawawa on Monday manga when all the controversy involving the manga broke out, he at the time bought the manga volumes:

Zenko Kurishita

He is know as a politician who has consistently taken a position opposing manga regulations since the 2010 Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s ordinance regulating issues related to non-existent youths, in recent years, he was also one of the politician whom the Comic Market thanked by name when it reopened Comiket.

On his Twitter profile, he said:

I will protect freedom of expression from opposing parties. since Taro Yamada was elected 3 years ago, many of the recent problems have originated from opposition parties. What we need now is a guardian freedom from the opposition. I ask for your vote for Kurishita Yoshiyuki

Matsuura Daigo

A candidate affiliated with the Ishin, which is said to have a strong libertarian leanings, he is known as an enthusiastic advocate of LGBT and freedom of expression, and has a proven record of stopping restrictions on BL and other manga during his time in the House of Coucillors.

In his profile he says

Tawawa on Monday, Onsen Musume, Uzaki-chan and Tojou Linka should not be dismissed with the stereotype that women are being sexually exploited.

Today, 70% of Comiket artists are women, and Moe Arts has a lot of female fans, how are we going to coexist with others who don’t understand us? This is what respect and diversity mean

Ken Akamatsu

Author of Love Hina and the best known in the West, he decided to enter politics to try to put an end to external interference to censor manga and anime.

To protect Japanese creative works and defend freedom of expression. I will also eliminate the anxiety that children and youth will lead the next generation and pass on the richness of Japanese culture. I will fulfill the mission given to me.

Yoshiyuki Kurishita

Yoshiyuki Kurishita is another candidate who is against these rules, remember last year when the news broke of limiting young people’s playing time?

Kagawa limited youth play time during school weeks to just 60 minutes, and to 90 minutes on weekends, Yoshiyuki Kurishita was opposed to enforcing this restriction.

EXTRA Candidate: Riyo Takahashi

Riyo Takahashi is the current director of the FC2 website, also known for his naughtiness that people upload there. Riyo has announced that he will apply and from the way he put it, he is against censorship on all adult content in Japan.

Yes, the famous mosaics! But Takahashi is wanted by the police, and he’s not even in Japan! What happens is that many people can upload adult content on FC2, and sometimes there are those who upload adult content without censorship, to which the police arrest whoever produces the video but also want to arrest the owner of the site.

He counts:

I’m in a situation where the police are looking for me. I have never stolen a single piece of candy and am totally falsely accused. If I had committed an obvious crime, like hurting someone, I would have taken it, but I don’t want to be stuck for years on a false charge

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